Sharon studied modern makeup at Fred Segal Beauty in Los Angeles under Rose Librizzi, Emmy Award® nominee and Hollywood makeup artist. There she gained expert knowlege of the art of makeup. Continuing with her education, Sharon returned to Fred Segal Beauty to study makeup for editorials under David Michaud, a celebrated makeup artist in Los Angeles, and Tom Concordia, an established photographer at Fashion Week in Milan, Paris, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles.....She sharpened her hair styling techniques at Fred Segal Beauty, expertly instructed by Damion Monzillo, whose clientele includes Kate Moss, Dita Von Teese and Jennifer Tilly..

In order to stay current with modern technology, Sharon developed a new set of skills––the art of airbrushing. She attended training at Kett Cosmetics under the tutelage of respected makeup artist, Roque Cozzette. Roque is on the fashion front working such shows as Heatherette and Betsey Johnson. Sharon credits her training at Laura Mercier where she learned Laura's trademark 'flawless face' and the ability to accentuate one's natural beauty.

In 2011, Sharon accepted the first full-time position created for a makeup & hair stylist at and their flash sale site, There she worked with top models, stylists, photographers and art directors from New York and L.A. The fast paced environment has given her the skills to produce high shot counts, execute multiple hair and makeup changes and think fast on her feet.

Today, Sharon is a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist for print, editorial, ecom, television and film.

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